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inlingua Linz ist zertifiziert mit dem Gütesiegel der oö. Erwachsenen- und Weiter- bildungseinrichtungen und dem österreichweiten Ö-Cert


About inlingua International

The word INLINGUA stands for a worldwide network of over 300 language centres encompassing more than 750,000 language students a year; it also stands for comprehensive know-how pertaining to all areas of the language industry, as well as first-rate service and tailor-made solutions to meet every conceivable language need.

The inlingua-Method

Traditionally, learning language means analysing grammatical structures and memorizing theory. Then the student begins to commit vocabulary words to memory and translate written texts. But he or she still cant speak!
The INLINGUA Direct Method begins where others leave off: with the spoken word. It is an inspired teaching approach geared to practical communication skills. You and your trainer speak German, or the language of your choice, from the very first minute. Real-life situations and carefully structured role-plays keep you thinking in your new language.

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The method

  • small groups
  • international participants
  • tailor-made teaching material
  • 25 years of experience


Getting around

Find out exactly where we are and how to get around the city by public transport. Useful links and maps of all major attractions for your desktop.


How to enroll

Find out what you need to know before enrolling.