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Individual Training

Tell us your goal and we will help you put together a program tailor-made to your individual requirements. Personalized tuition is the ideal way to meet your language training needs if you:
  • need scheduling flexibility with the option to cancel
  • have little free time to devote to language learning
  • need to master specific subject matter
  • would benefit by individual “coaching” in preparation for meetings, presentations, interviews, etc.
Above and beyond that, one-to-one tuition gives you the guarantee that you will progress at your own speed based solely on your own level of knowledge. This means that you make optimal use of the little time available to you in today’s fast-paced business world.
Even the most state-of-the-art technology, however, cannot replace a trainer. And inlingua employs only highly-qualified native speakers to give you the best language training available.
Let our experts assist you in planning your own personal training program. With almost 300 schools worldwide, inlingua is in a good position to meet your every language need.


1 unit à 45 min.: € 56
30 units à 45 min.: € 1670   incl. Learnware, Book + Audio  download
60 units à 45 min.: € 3220  incl. Learnware, Book + Audio  download
* These course fees include multimedia material
* 1 unit = 45 minutes
* There is no value-added tax on inlingua language courses
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